Points Awards

The PEAC Year-End Points Award program is open to all current PEAC members in good standing as outlined in the program rules.  Only points earned by the member between January 1st and November 1st may be counted.

2016 Year-End Points Awards -> here

PEAC Year-End Points Awards are available in the following Divisions:

PEAC Breed Division
Halter GeldingsHalter Mares
Halter StallionsNon-Pro Geldings
Non-Pro MaresNon-Pro Stallions
Weanling Halter All SexesGames
Non-Pro GamesNon-Pro Performance
Youth 18 & UnderLeadline 6 & Under
Walk-Trot 10 & Under (incl showmanship)Hunter in Hand All Ages/All Sexes
Yearling LongelineJunior Performance 5 & Under
Senior Performance 6 & OverDriving

PEAC Open Division
DrivingAdolescent Longeline
Youth 18 & UnderWalk-Trot 10 & Under (incl showmanship)
Leadline 6 & UnderSaddle Log Hours 18 & Under
Saddle Log Hours 19 & OverPerformance All Ages & Halter

PEAC Other Than Appaloosa Division
Halter / Hunter in HandGames
Youth 18 & UnderSaddle Log Hours


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Results reporting formdownload
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